As above so below.


This spell is to channel female strength in togetherness and promote growth and healing, and to draw from both nature and female power. The strength of the spell is increased through creating the candle yourself, however you can also order a complete candle made by me.


Think of who you want to grow and heal (it can be yourself or someone else) as you pour the wax into the mould and have a photograph nearby of them (on your phone is fine.)


You will need:

Approx. 150ml Candle wax

A wick (12cm or longer)

A container to hold approx. 150 ml of wax



Message me on Instagram at @rachel_charlotte_art and request the candle set. The price of the kit is £35 incl. p+p anywhere in the UK. A complete handmade candle with a spell already inside is £15.


Heat up the wax by placing it into the container and then placing the container into a saucepan of hot water. Wait until the wax is completely melted and about 125 ml full.


While the wax is melting, take the mould and tape the wick to the bottom (the smaller opening). Then tape all around the bottom and secure around the side and up the split to prevent any wax leaking out.


Pour the wax in (wearing gloves) then take the metal piece and pull the wick through it in order to keep the wick in the middle. Leave this to set (you can put it in the fridge to speed up the process). If the candle isn’t full, when it isn’t completely set, you can melt more wax and pour it on top and leave to set again, placing the wick back between the metal piece. It is best to melt more wax than is needed in case this happens, especially if you are mixing waxes, to keep the colour consistent in the new wax.


Once set, take off the metal piece and the tape and open the mould, revealing your homemade candle. Take your mould, place a wick inside and through the metal piece along with tape on the side and bottom if needed. Place the two metal balancers on top of the metal piece and the candle on top. Your candle is ready to burn!


Any wax that runs off will run down into the mould, creating a new candle to be reused! You may need to top this up with more wax, so repeat the process of melting wax and just pour this on top and leave to set.


Practice Degree Show.

This is the piece I exhibited at the practice degree show. I created this bowl t serve as a cauldron for myself in creating new spells. To me, it symbolises my practice and played a pivotal role in the development of my work. I created this bowl using epoxy resin, black dye and aluminium and steel swarf. 

20cm x 9cm