Were we to have a Degree show at a later date, at the minute I would display this piece. This work involved a lot of exploration using new methods, such as using a grinder to create an acrylic pour on the large circular rings on the wings. This was a fun piece, as every object used was an object I found in our garage, previously used for HGV engineering (being not allowed to leave the house). I found some amusement in this piece - often when I'm doing a painting, I'm trying to make it look as close to real life as I can, and this piece flipped that concept on its head - I was now trying to make real life look as much like a painting as I could! I really wanted this piece to have depth, I loved the idea of looking at it straight on and seeing a butterfly, then as you walk around it it would seem to morph and change and layers would come forward. The idea of "walking into a painting" stuck with me. I played around with colour a lot in this piece, playing with LED on neon as well as certain colours under certain lights. However, I don't think this piece's full effectiveness can be captured by the camera, as in real life it's mesmerising to watch it seemingly change colour. 

In a real exhibition, I would have the public shine their phone lights on the piece - this changes it so that the shadow now becomes the piece and the shadow seems to change colour. They could play around with it by moving their phone light around and standing between the piece and the wall, making the piece interactive.